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I love laughing and having fun while creating some amazing photos. I've been doing photography professionally for over 13 years and still get excited taking up my camera and making the world smile : ) . I specialize in weddings, portraits and large events. My videography journey started with creating short travel films and infomercials videos for businesses. Shortly after, I started offering wedding video services and I haven't looked back since. I have been lucky to capture some amazing weddings, portraits and videos in the Canada, US, Japan and the Caribbean. 

I love meeting new clients and getting to know them. I believe the journey to creating amazing photos or videos starts at the moment we say "Hi". I'm always excited about helping my clients bring life to their ideas and dreams of their wedding day or photo session; and making it even extra special. 

Alberta is an amazing place that offers a variety of wedding scenes and photo locations. From the natural landscape to the city skylines - it  is all just breathtaking. 
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