Five Things I Do When Shooting Snow Portraits


  • I always get a model that is willing to face the freezing temperatures.


  • Choosing a scenic background is also important when I’m shoot in the snow. A scene with 70-80 percent of snow is my prefered choice.


  • Having just plain snow in the background would be like shooting in a studio with a white backdrop. So I always look for anything that can give me a nice contrast to the snow like trees, buildings and big objects.


  • Most of the times the models are freezing and you have to make sure that they can get warm from time to time. One thing I always like doing is having my car right next to us with the heater on. Every few minutes I would have the model take a break and warm up.


  • The snow will drive the metering system in you camera crazy with all the bright light coming in the camera and in most cases under expose your model. Shooting in manual is a must for me, so I can dial in the settings I want. I always do a few test shots before I start the session to find the right balance between the skin and the snow when shooting with natural light. When shooting with an off camera flash I would slightly under exposed the skin ( that means the background would be a bit darker) and use the flash to lift the brightness of the skin.

*Tell me what you think of these five things and please share what you do when your shooting in the snow in the comments down below.

*I’m planning to make a weekly blog on how I shoot and edit different types of photography.

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