Shooting Long Exposure Photography

Each time I do long exposure photos I'm amazed by the beautiful effects I get and that keeps me going back for more. Here are seven things I do to help me get awesome long exposure photos.

  1. Using a steady tripod to stop the camera from moving while the shutter is open.

  2. I normally use a remote to trigger the shutter, but a shutter release cable and a 5sec shutter timer can be used.

  3. ISO 100 is used 85 percent of the time and some scenes I have to raise my ISO but keep it below ISO 400.

  4. Composing my shot. When I get on location always look for that vantage point to help me create the best photo.

  5. The first 2-3 photos are used to set my exposure.

  6. In most cases my shutter speed is set between 8-20 seconds and my aperture normally set at F/8.

  7. When shooting with an image stabilize lens its important to turn it off, it can mess up your shot.

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