Jamaica Charity Gala Tokyo 2017

Children are our future, and when they are in need of our help we have to step in. The kids at the Westhaven Children's Home are orphans; some have been abandoned by their parents or do not have relatives who are able to adequately care for them. Many of them suffer from severe autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

With that said, the Jamaicans in Japan organization came together on this special night to raise funds to help these kids have a better life. This charity event was organised by Mrs. Sasha Lee Hague-Seals and many others. Of course, the different sponsors played a big part in making this project a reality.

As for what happened on that night, it was just pure joy, laughter, dancing, singing and eating delicious Jamaican food . Below are some photos from the event. Please enjoy!

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Please share and comment on this post if you enjoyed it.